The window for submitting SALTA testing applications has closed.

Please Read the Following Information Carefully:

Students who attend out of boundary, charter, or private schools must submit a $35 fee prior to the test date.

Canyons School District's elementary SALTA magnet services are designed to serve students in grades 1-5 who demonstrate significantly high cognitive and academic ability when compared with others of their age, experience, and/or environment.

These abilities are assessed over a two day testing block: Day 1 students will be administered a two-hour academic achievement test; Day 2 students will be administered a three-hour cognitive abilities test. Due to the time-intensive and rigorous nature of identification process, parents should carefully consider their decision to request testing.

Parents should consider requesting testing if they OFTEN observe that their child exhibits MANY of the following behaviors or characteristics:

  • Tests several grade levels above same-age peers
  • Possesses large/varied vocabulary
  • Has a wide range of interests and asks many questions
  • Recalls facts easily
  • Makes a generalization easily; sees cause and effect
  • Chooses to read books on a more advanced level than peers
  • Resourceful; tries to reason independently
  • Becomes immersed in topics
  • Becomes easily bored with routine/rote tasks
  • Exhibits interest in "adult" social problems
  • Is creative and generates many ideas/solutions to problems
  • Willing to take risks in an effort to learn something new
  • Seeks/make friends who are chronologically older
  • Strives for perfection and is often self critical
  • Thrives in controversial or problem situations
  • Verbalizes the need to be intellectually/creatively challenged

All SALTA Requests for Testing MUST be submitted by Friday, October 25, 2013, at midnight. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

In order for your child to be considered for SALTA magnet services, the Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS) must be completed by BOTH the child’s parent/guardian and the child’s current teacher. As part of the application process, you will be completing the parent/guardian portion of the SIGS (referred to as the HOME SIGS). The online application cannot be saved and revisited, meaning once you start filling out the application, it will need to be completed in one sitting. Please allow approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the process.

Your child’s current teacher will be contacted by the Evidence-Based Learning Department and asked to complete the teacher portion of the SIGS (referred to as the SCHOOL SIGS). If your child is currently attending a non-Canyons School District School, you may be contacted by the Evidence-Based Learning Department to discuss who will fill out your child’s SCHOOL SIGS portion of the application if their teacher is not available.

Click Here for SALTA Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs